Finally, a movie with PoC! Too bad it is riddled with Western propaganda and Arab stereotypes! Let’s talk about that opening number.

Phew! What a racist doozy. “It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home!”

Jasmine is the only named, speaking woman in the WHOLE FILM. She is literally just a puppet that is tossed around throughout the film to further the plot of the men. Aladdin courts her to get some, Jafar mind controls the Sultan to marry her, and the Sultan (her father) needs her to get married. Everything Jasmine does centers around men. Even her tiger, Rajah, is male.

Her costume is highly sexualized for the Western male fantasy. This story, loosely influenced by One Thousand and One Nights, takes place in Persia. Persian princesses do not dress as Jasmine dresses. She is basically dressed in her underwear. But nobody in Disney gives this a second thought.

What a more accurate Persion princess might look like compared to Jasmine's sexualized look

What a more accurate Persion princess might look like compared to Jasmine’s sexualized look

To top it all off, Jasmine is as bland as characters can get (not that the white princess have anything to them but c’mon, Disney….). She shows the same independent streak that Belle, and Ariel had, but Jasmine is a victim of the Sexy Lampshade. She could be replaced with a sexy lampshade and the whole plot would remain the same. She does nothing but tempt men the whole film.

I have found another video for you enjoyment that discussed the harmful isms in Aladdin: 

Feminist rating: 0/10

Fails Bechdel Test

Passes Racial Bechdel Test